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"Holding on to Nothing"

My heart aches when i think of our memories because then i had you and you had me its when the heart gives but does not receive

that it hurts the most i live for the times you still kiss me even if it means nothing to you for that short period of time

i can pretend you are once again mine and i'll replay that kiss again and again until you are more than just a friend and until our lips again meet

and my heart will then continue to beat its those moments i feel like we are together again that i am happy its this feeling I crave that ive only felt with you

a love that is real a love that is true you had me at hello and still do at goodbye but why my heart needs you, i havent a clue why

The Unending Dream

I'm lying in your arms Were staring at the sky I kiss your precious lips Were gazing into each others eyes

I'm speaking small words We whisper I love you Were embracing each other As we fall asleep in pure bliss And as I wake I realize

I want to go back to sleep Because it was only a dream And I'd rather be with you there Then without you in reality.

And I'm asking myself Why Do dreams lie? Maybe that's why they are just called


Love is the power of the heart

Love is the power of the heart and love can never break apart i know what love is and its all because of you i finally realize

i have a case of the love flu if our love ever dies i will have a river uf tears in my eyes but please remember all the good times we've had and don't reminisce just on the bad

Love is the power of the soul you are the half that made me whole WE hardly get to see each other and its letting us drift

your love to me was a wonderful gift i would be lying if i said its all good because soon there will be nothing by my side where you stood now there IS nothing

your love to me was a wonderful gift i would be lying if i said its all good because soon there will be nothing by my side where you stood now there IS nothing

you would call me sugar plum you would call me pooh bear but you didn't trust me you had no care I hung out with other boys that were friends

So, whats the big deal there were no feelings for them my love for you was too real you were the talk of the day between me and my friends i wanted to be by you till the very end but i guess your feelings for me were not the same

now i'm walking down the hall of shame my feelings for you still havn't died even after all those long days i cried i neverlistened till what i heard about you untill i heard this which i thought may be true

i said you could trust me that you didn't beleive so you told your friends you were deciding to leave in me you can trust over and over again i said with lust

Put me to the test if you must because my love for you will never fail through rain or sleet or snow or hail our relationship will have its bad weather but i don't care cuz all i wanted was for us to be together!

For My Friend

It was yesterday... She asked me to compose It was a nice day Because she was the first of those Who wants to hear something pleasant Who wants to realize

That she’ll feel a greatful moment Only when she opens eyes Then I imagined her like rose:

How she’s listening with hide delight The poem though the prose Under the blue moon light...

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