Aamir Khan

First Film: Yaadon Ki Baraat (as a child); Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

Favourite actors:
Guru Dutt

Favourite actress : Madhubala

Favourite books: Notes To Myself by Hugh Prather. I have huge collection of books given to me by my friends and well-wishers. Because of my busy schedules I haven’t got down to reading any of them. I want to take a year off just to complete reading the books that I have been gifted. There are a range of them spiritual, philosophical, fiction etc.

Favourite food: Dal and rice. I like all the kinds of dal. Among non-veg I food I’m fond of chicken. I don’t intend to turn completely vegetarian.

Favorite restaurant: I love home cooked food.

Favourite music: Indian

Favourite color: White

Favourite vacation spot: I think there are so many places in India itself that have not yet been explored. I want to visit them. Like going to Kargil was very different experience for me.

Favourite perfume: I don’t use perfumes

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